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BIOL 4500- Final Exam Guide - Comprehensive Notes for the exam ( 70 pages long!)

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BIOL 4500
Michael runtz

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[BIOL 4500] Comprehensive fall guide including any lecture notes, textbook notes and exam guides.find more resources at BIOL 4500 – Ornithology September 13, 2016 Lecture 1 Ornithology – study of birds, Greek based. Ology – rationale or explanation Kingdom = Animalia Phylum = chordate Subphylum = vertebrata Class aves or clade aves, class repitilia? • Evolved from reptiles, but because they evolved in different ways they can be class aves • Birds are endotherms, create own internal heat, and maintain homeostasis and stay separate form their environment, which make them different. • Vocalists (can sing 2 songs at one time) • Masters of the air Features unique to birds: • Bill • Feathers • Skeletal features • Respiration Archaeoptreyx – First bird • Archios = ancient pteryx = feather or wing • Had reptilian features • Had feathers • Big discovery • Lived around 150 MYA Birds evolve from dinosaurs (Theropods) Class aves is defined by: • Bills – come in all sizes and shapes • Feathers – define birds but give them individual identities as species ➢ Epidermal structures ➢ Beta – keratin (a fibrous protein polymer unique to reptiles and birds) ➢ Colored feathers = dead features find more resources at
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