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BUSI 18002013Semester 2Robert RiordanPESTLE PAPER FINAL DRAFTDamian RichmanAs is with any age group is serves government needs to serve the complicated needs of all it cant be selective nor too supportive or too ignorant of any one particular group Elderly adults and their circumstances span the same gamut as any other demographic How well does government serve their needs How well does it decide and implement policy does it educate and execute on necessary programs and does it compile the needed statistics and feedback to properly assess and make adjustments to improveFor instance elderly who are more secure financially will have the means to better maintain their health safety participation in a variety of necessary programs and ensure they are protectedphysically emotionally and legally While those who are less fortunate and live on lower incomes have a lower level of education and literacy will likely have fewer resources available to them to meet their challenges as they age and may have more difficulty finding understanding and utilizing information and services available to them to address their needs The challenges are obvious but the solutions arentRESTLE ANALYSIS BREAKDOWNPolitical Voting power of senior citizens and how Ontario needs to begin to rethink government issues that will appeal more to senior citizens Economical To avoid a loss in revenue from retiring citizens Ontario needs to encourage employment opportunities for seniors more than ever before SocialDemographic Longer life expectancy and higher rates of affluence in our aging population affects other sociodemographic issuesTechnological Introducing the benefits of using the resources of modern day technology to seniors nationwideLegal Raising awareness for elder abuse and working in correlation with law enforcement to help prevent it Environmental Increase public awareness and public education on what we already know in regards to environmental health and how it affects seniors PoliticalThe Government of Ontario has to begin to acknowledge the strength of the voting power of senior citizens and has to be concerned with their need to be fulfilled Seniors make up for a larger percentage of the population that they did years ago As people change and get older their priorities and what they consider important changes accordingly A middle aged parent with four children will have a completely different view of where government expenditures go than an elderly 75 year old man Senior citizens are generally looking to see how the government contributes their tax dollars to research and development in health care Consequently there has been a massive shift over the last few of years in political thinking towards improving our health care system to its full potential Polling shows that the number of seniors who say they have had to wait for a diagnostic test medical procedure or surgery has dropped slightly There has also been a significant change in the number of seniors who have said that their experience was too long of a wait to receive medical attention has dropped by one third one of the most noteworthy changes of recent Fifty 2012 To put things into a better perspective in Ontarios up and coming election in 2015 senior citizens will not be inclined to elect a politician who is campaigning for money and time invested into the building of new elementary schools Instead seniors will be looking for the government to invest in the latest medical technology
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