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MidtermReviewOrgBehaviourOrganizational Behavior OB is the field of study devoted to understanding explaining and ultimately improving the attitudes and behaviors of individuals and groups in organizationsThe study of organizations and groups and individuals within an organizational contextTypologyunit of analysisIndividualGroupOrganization Organization TheoryMethod of ExperiencePeople hold firmly to some belief because it is consistent with their own experience and observations explicit knowledgeMethod of IntuitionPeople hold firmly to some belief because it just stands to reasonit seems obvious or selfevidentMethod of AuthorityPeople hold firmly to some belief because some respected official agency or source has said it is soMethod of SciencePeople accept some belief because scientific studies have tended to replicate that result using a series of samples settings and methods implicit knowledgeOrganizational Behaviour a field of study that looks at the impact that individual groups and structure have on behaviour within organizations for the purpose of applying such knowledge toward improving an organizations effectivenessApplied toJobs AbsenteeismTurnover ProductivityMotivationWorking in groups Job satisfactionOrganization A consciously coordinated social unit compose of a group of peoplethat functions on a relatively continuous basis to achieve a common goal or set of goals ExamplesService firmsSchoolsHospitalsChurchesMilitary unitsGovernment agenciesBasic OB Model Individual levelGroup LevelOrganization systems levelIndividual LevelChallengesIndividual differencesJob satisfactionMotivationEmpowermentBehaving ethicallyEthical Dilemmas Situations in which individuals are required to define right and wrong conductEthics The study of moral values or principles that guide our behaviour and inform us whether actions are right or wrong Group LevelPeoples behaviour when they are in a group differs from their behaviour when they are alone ChallengesWorking with othersWorking diversity
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