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NameStudent IDSection ABC Supply Chain Management DepartmentSprott School of Business Carleton UniversityBUSI 2301 Operations ManagementWinter 2013Midterm ExamMarch 2nd 2013Instructor Alan Cai Sean McGrathSummary50 Multiple Choice questions 1 mark each4 Critical ThinkingNumerical questionsTotal mark 100 which weighs 25 of final mark distributionInstructionsTime 180 minutesClosed book examLeave your belongings at the front of the exam roomLimit your answer to available space No additional papers will be made availableReturn the answer book including all of its pagesNo exiting during the last 15 minutes of exam timeSection 1 Multiple Choice Questions Total Marks 50Page 1For each multiplechoice question choose the best answer from the list given and mark your choice on the Scantron sheetYou may use scrap paper for your rough calculations but only the final answer will be markedEach question is worth 2 marks1Operations management encompasses all of the following EXCEPTAforecastingBcapacity planningCschedulingDmotivating employeesEpreparing financial statements2The responsibilities of the operations manager areAplanning organizing staffing procuring and reviewingBplanning organizing staffing directing and controllingCforecasting designing planning organizing and controllingDforecasting designing operating procuring and reviewingEdesigning and operating3Which of the following is not a key factor of competitivenessApriceBproduct differentiationClocationDaftersale serviceEnone of the choices are correct4Which of the following is not a step in creating a visionmissionAIdentify stakeholders and their visionBDevelop a visionmission in a participatory wayCDevelop values that will guide the companyDPlan strategy and action programs that will determine the visionmissionPage 2
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