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BUSI 2601
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BUSI 2601C Lecture NotesCriminalFound guilty of a criminal sanctionAnyone with a criminal record or who has spent time in jailConstruct of Legal System1RulesLegal system enacts positive normsoLaw must express the way things are now objective standardsLegal system should not be subject to outside sources or valuesoEx nothing is legally wrong with two gay men adopting a child our laws are not influenced by religious beliefsThe system must be neutralEquality of rights men are equal to women this is not negotiable2We define our most fundamental rights through a charter of rights and freedomsCanada is unique because of the number of individual rightsoEx hitting of the facehead of a child is considered assault even if it is allowed in your value system your value system must fit into our legal system3Legal system defends our capitalistic systemWe recognize individual property rightsoThats why Canadians are nervous of Chinese takeovers of Canadian companiesWe are advocates of freedom of business activities4SocietyLegal system resolves private mattersEx divorce if Islamic law was allowed in Ontarios legal system it would negate the equality of rights5Canadians believe in the rule of lawThe law is supreme everybody is obliged to apply itEverybody is treated the same everyone is equal before and under the lawoEx Bill Clintons lost credibility because he admitted to lying6Two legal systems in CanadaBritish Common LawoCourt decisions generate the rulesoPrecedence defines future interpretation previous cases define new trendoCases are based on distinguishing judges interpretoIncludes equity that allows Canadian judges to provide remedies with fairnessQuebec Civil LawoRights and obligations are found in the legislationEx Grandparents were responsible for the education of their grandchildren grandchildren often sued them for tuition the provision had to be removedoRole of the judge is to apply the rule only then can he interpretCourt StructureSupreme Court of CanadaAll final decisions are made hereSignificant importance in lawoEx fetus rights a fetus has no rights until its bornPermission you must have leave to appeal to get to the supreme courtDeals with civil and criminal mattersDecisions apply to all of CanadaoStare decisis follow precedence of a higher courtoEx you can be topless as long as its not for sexual gratification due to equality rights in Ontario but not in BCThe Supreme Court must decide if this law should apply to all of Canada
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