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BUSI 3102 - HR Final Notes

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BUSI 3102
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13 Ensuring Health and Safety at the Workplace Health hazardsPhysical agentsnoise temperature vibrations radiation etc Assumption of risk worker accepting all the customary risks associated withBiological agentsbiohazardshis or her occupationChemical agents Carless worker model early approach assumed that most accidents wereErgonomically related injuries due to workers failure to be careful or to protect themselves Canada Labour Code Shared responsibility model newer approach assumes the best method relies on the cooperation of employer and employees 1 Right to know about hazards in the workplace 2 Right to participate in correcting those hazards Accident rates are reduced when 3 Right to refuse dangerous workManagement is committed to safety Health and safety committee representatives of the employer andEmployees are informed about accident prevention employees that meets in order to reduce accident rates investigates andConsultation between employer and employees takes place resolves complaints monitors health and safety programs etcThere is a trusting relationship between the employer and staffEmployees have actual input into the decisionmaking process Hazardous Products Act regulates the sale of dangerous products forconsumer protectionAbout 4 Canadian workers die every day from an occupational injurydisease WHMIS legislation that requires supplies to label hazardous products andOne in 48 workers is injured severely enough to miss at least one provide a MSDS work day each year Transportation of Dangerous Goods Act TC responsible for handling andCost 7 billionyear in compensation payments 135 billionyear transporting dangerous materials including indirect costsAccidents are caused by a combination of unsafe employee Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety Act establishes public behaviour and unsafe working conditions corporation to promote facilitate assist in development etc of health andsafety initiativesTop management must set policies and make concern for health and safety part of the organizations culture and strategySafety enforcement inspections inspectors are given powers through responsible for providing a safe work environment Canada Labour CodeSupervisors must become proficient in managing safety knowing laws safety regulations training in observing violations communication skillsresponsible for the safety of their people in the workplaceEmployees must be trained to understand safety rules and how to operate equipment safelyresponsible for working safely Implications for HRMCurative solutionstry to correct the outcome of stress eg yoga meditation counsellingCompanys best defence is due diligence taking all reasonable stepsPreventative solutionsattempt to change the cause of stress eg to avoid a particular event stress management EAP improving working conditionsSafety climate managements commitment HRM practices safetyFitness and wellness programs shown to have a positive impact on systems supervisor support internal group processes boundary reducing stress and absenteeism and improving productivity management risk work pressure Workplace security Stress Sick building syndrome SBS acute health and comfort effects that appearWorkplace stress harmful physical and emotional responses that to be linked to the length of time spent in a building but no specific illness can occur when there is a conflict between job demands and the or cause can be identified amount of control over meeting those demands Workplace violenceCauses of stress at worko Job stressors stressful working conditions Ergonomics study of relationships between physical attributes of workersEg workload autonomy hours shift work role and their work environment to reduce physical and mental strain and conflict role ambiguity threat of violence increase productivity and quality of work life participation in decision making management style underpromotion job security job satisfactionCan reduce overexertion and lower back injury and repetitivestrain o Individual and situational factors injuryOnes outlook or attitude AIDS have a policy regarding HIVinfected employees protect right toPresence of support network of coworkers or privacy mandatory training education programs counselling and support friendsWorkfamily life balanceAcute stressorsextremely stressful but occur infrequently such as organizational changeChronic stressorsongoing daily problems and hasslesPsychological stress highest in jobs where employees have high demands but little latitude in making decisionsPoor supervision change organizational downsizing can all cause stressBurnout condition of mental emotional and sometimes physical exhaustion that results from substantial and prolonged stressPresenteeism employee is able to come to work but inhibited from achieving optimal performance levels due to ongoing health issues
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