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Carleton University
BUSI 3102

BUSI 3102 FWINTER 20131ChapterFourLegalRequirementsLecture NotesChallengesManage within employment standards human rights and equity lawsMake managerial decisions that will reduce the likelihood of legal liabilityKnow when legal and fairness issues require external expertiseWhen managerial decisions violate employment law or make an employer liable to successful lawsuits employers may face significant costsUnfair DiscriminationIn an employment context unfair discrimination is the giving of an unfair advantage or disadvantage to the members of a particular group in comparison to the members of other groups The disadvantage usually results in a denial or restriction of employment opportunities or an inequality in the terms or benefits of employmentBandingdesigned to meet the objectives of hiring qualified workers and promoting diversity Scores in each band are treated as equivalent and bands are established statisticallyThe concept of banding has been used as an alternative measure of avoiding adverse impact against protected groupsInternational and Systemic DiscriminationInternational Deliberate use of race religion or other prohibited criteria in employment decisions Can be legal under certain circumstances if based on a bona fide occupational qualificationSystemic Employment criteria that have the effect of discriminating on prohibited grounds but are not used with the intent to discriminateGoals of Employment Equity ProgramsCorrect present inequities remedy past discriminationPrevent discrimination in the futureProvide role modelsPromote diversityMethods of PracticeRecruitmentPreferential selection based on equal qualificationsQuotas set aside specific number of jobsCailin SadlerBUSI 3102 FWINTER 20132ChapterSevenOrientationTrainingandDevelopmentLecture NotesPurposes of Orientation ProgramsaReduce TurnoverbReduce ErrorscDevelop Clear ExpectationsdImprove Job PerformanceeOrganizational StabilityfReduce AnxietygReduce GrievanceshReduce Need for Discipline Evaluating Orientation EffectivenessaEmployee Reactions Interviews and questionnaires of recentlyhired employeesbAttitudes and Behaviours Measures of job attitudes motivation turnover performance cCostBenefit Studies Comparison of orientation program costs with benefits from lower turnover lower learning time and higher performanceTraininglearning of jobrelated behaviourDevelopmentpreparation for future job responsibilities Employee Benefits of Trainingskill improvement increased selfconfidence more effective handling of stressconflict and sense of growthOrganizational Benefits of Traininghigher productivityprofitability lower costs improved morale better corporate image and stronger identification with corporate goalsTraining and Development Strategies1Cognitive Concerned with altering thoughts and ideas knowledge new processes2Behavioural Attempts to change behaviour eg management style3Environmental Providing the organizational environment in which employees can thrive and develop strategies to change attitudes and valuesLearning Organizationis where people continually expand their capacity to create the results they truly desire where new patterns of thinking are nurturedCailin Sadler
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