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Chapter 11CHAPTER 11INNOVATION AND CHANGEMULTIPLE CHOICE1Which of the following occurs mainly through the established structure and management processes of an organizationaevolution of the organizational culturebincremental changectechnology improvementsdradical changeANSBPTS1REF394BLMEvaluate2Which of the following is best example of radical changeaorganizational turnarounds and transformationsbany series of continual progressive changes affecting one organizational part and then anothercimplementation of sales teams in the marketing departmentdbringing new technology to product developmentANSAPTS1REF395BLMEvaluate3If an organization shifts its structure from a vertical to a horizontal structure what type of change have they engaged inaradical changebincremental changecInformation technology changedstrategy and structure changeANSAPTS1REF395BLMEvaluate4Why does radical change likely involve breakthrough technologyaIt occurs through an unestablished structurebTechnology change represents a series of continuous progressions for maintaining the organizations general equilibriumCopyright2012 by Nelson Education Ltd1Chapter 11cRadical change generally affects only one organizational part and technology tends to be taskspecificdRadical change often involves the creation of new products that lead the organization into new opportunities and marketsANSDPTS1REF395BLMApply2Copyright2012 by Nelson Education Ltd
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