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Chapter 12CHAPTER 12DECISIONMAKING PROCESSESMULTIPLE CHOICE1Which of the following are wicked problems associated withaconflicts over objectives and alternativesbthe garbage can modelcintuitive decision makingdproblem consensusANSAPTS1REF434BLMRemember2Which type of decision making would typically be used to the extent possible in an objective process of selecting a new employeeainspiration and imitationbthe Carnegie modelcthe garbage can modeldthe rational approachANSDPTS1REF434435BLMUnderstand3When Tanya Smith CEO of Food Lion reads Modern Grocer visits other grocery stores to compare prices and reviews daily sales figures which step of the rational approach is she is engaging inamonitoring the decision environmentbdefining the decision problemcspecifying decision objectivesddiagnosing the problemANSAPTS1REF435BLMAnalyze4What is the last step in the rational approach to decision makingadefining the decision problembevaluating alternativesCopyright2012 by Nelson Education Ltd1Chapter 12cimplementing the chosen alternativeddiagnosing the problemANSCPTS1REF436BLMRemember5Which step in the rational approach immediately follows developing alternative solutionsaevaluating alternativesbdiagnosing the problemcimplementing an alternative to test its viabilitydimplementing the chosen alternativeANSAPTS1REF436BLMRemember2Copyright2012 by Nelson Education Ltd
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