CGSC 1001 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Monism, Cerebellum, Physicalism

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There are two pathways: dorsal stream for partial lobe and ventral lobe for temporal lobe: temporal lobe has functions that process audio/visual information and the comprehension and memory of verbal information, cerebellum helps the coordination of balance (voluntary movement). This separates us from animals: bodies are divisible, finite, contained, minds are indivisible, infinite, and confined to space, descartes (17th) believes that the mind and the body are different substances but interect through the pineal gland, we are bound by mechanistic laws, chalmers (1995): the mind (consciousness) cannot be reduced to the physical brain, there is an explanatory gap of consciousness between the objective and the subjective. Physicalism (monism) physical: also a form of monism, the idea that everything that exists is, everything can be explained at the physical level, the mind is the brain; there are no separate things, dennett (1980) consciousness can be explained as a process of multiple processes in the brain.