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Midterm 1

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Carleton University
CHEM 1002
Bob Burk

1CHEM 1002 A V Midterm Test 1February 10 2012Part A Answer each of the six questions with a few sentences or equations where necessary 5 Marks eacho o1 For each process indicate whether DHand DS are positiveor negativeor close to zero 0 and oat what temperatures high low all or none DG is negativeoooProcessDHDSDG0NoneCO2 HOCH2 O2g2g4g2gLowOOO2gg3gLowBrHOBrg2l aqHighCuCusl2HighCaClCa2 Cl2sgg2The reaction 2 NO 4 NOO is found to be first order in NO From this fact what can be 25g 2g2g25gsaid about the mechanism of the reactionOnly that the mechanism is more complex 2 or more specifically that the rate limiting step is first order in NO 5253 For the reaction OOO which direction will the equilibrium shift left right or no change if2gg3g1a The volume is decreased at constant temperatureRight b The temperature is increased at constant volumeLeft1c Some O is removedLeft1gd The partial pressures of all three gases are doubledRight1e Some Ar is added with the volume kept constantNo change1Ar is not involved in the greaction quotient6214 A reaction has a rate constant with units of mkgyear What is the overall order of this reactionThird order overall 5 The units are inverse concentration squared inverse timeo15 Reaction A C2 H CH has DG505 kJ mols2g4go1Reaction B C OCO has DG1372 kJ mols2ggFrom this information what can be said about the relative rates of these two reactionsNothing 5 Free energy is a state function and is not affected by the rate of reaction
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