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Chemistry 2203/7Answers 2ndSample TEST 1A Name: _ABENOR ____________ Page1/1 Marks are in parentheses 1. (6) For the molecules below, provide a systematic name (2 x 2 marks) and calculate the degrees of unsaturation (2marks). ( Show calculation). Indicate stereochemistry of the molecule where appropriate. H H 3,4,4-trimethylheptDeg of unsat = (22-22)/2 = 0 (Z)-2-heptene Deg of unsat =(16-14)/2=1 2a. (2) Draw the Newman projection of anti-butane in 3D-perspective. H H H H H H H H 2b. (2) Highly symmetrical molecules have higher melting pts than unsymmetrical molecules. Why? Symmetrical molecules stack better and more energy is required to disrupt the organized packing found in solids. 3a. (8) Show the reagents required to execute the reactions shown below. BH 1. 3 2.[O] OH Cl 2 hv Cl Cl + mixture H O, H + 2 OH H 2 Pt 3b. (8) Show the starting material required to yield the product shown below. H 2/ 2 equiv HO OH KMnO 4, -OH 1. O , 2. Zn 3 2 O or cis-isomer H Cl2 Cl Cl nD Chemistry 2203/7 2 Sample TEST 1A Answers Page 2/2 3c. (8) Show the expected product(s) for
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