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CLCV 1002
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thCLCV 1002A Nov 13 NotesThe Peloponnesian WarHomer wrote epic poemsnarrative poetryepics were aristocratic great deeds done by great men formulized retelling told and retold on special occasions used to affirm the position of the aristocracy and military casts and to provide a history of the societyoriginally in oral form only written down laterAlphabetin larger towns at least it could be assumed that there were a considerable amount of people who could read because laws were written down and posted in public places for the people to seeEmergence of Prose brings more flexibilityenables people other than bards to record ideasallows the spreading and mixing of ideas translation fertilizationinformation retrieval was difficult though everything written in scrolls so no index to tell you what page certain information was on had to read through entire scroll until you found what you were looking forliteracy in anything other than its basics wasreserved for those with significant resourcescounting came before reading in educationTragedies made in honour of DionysusLyric Poetry frequently dealt with great deedsTechnical Literature just at beginning was an explosion during the Hellenistic periodSpartan citizens werent educatedwere educated in physical capacities both men and women this education was totally under state control
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