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Classical Civilization
CLCV 1002

GreekLecture3September 25th 2012Alphabet and CitiesMycenaean people did not have cities per say but there were in fact forms of administrative roles in villagesPolis was the Roman word for a cityThe emergence of the Polis is really hypothetical to allA polis was located on a coast or shore of a lake or peninsula Polis was very small and the community that it represented was very close knit more like a big family then a citySamos a polis a coast off of Asia Minor was 180 square miles Athens coast of Attica was bigSparta was the biggest PolisMost of the Polis were heavily defended Most of the Mycenaean people were defensive where as the Cretan peopleSparta was the most protectedAristotle prefers a polis as the happiness and the security of their citizens their size has to be the small enough for this to be achievedBasically saying big enough to defend its self but small enough to not need a police force within the communityA Polis was exclusive and antiexpansionists Polis refers both to the city its self and the land that it controlledAthens for example refers to the city Attica and the land it controlled AthensThe garden was th
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