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Classical Civilization
CLCV 1002
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Nov20thExamth The final examwill be on the 16 of December at 2 in the afternoon Will consists of 5 sections 3 will be like the quiz First section will be true and false Majority of them will be new questionsnd2 questions will be multiple choices rd3 section will set out 15 terms names important person you will be asked to pick 10 out of 15 names to identify this person place object etc th4 section will be 8 subjects you will be asked to write on 3 of themyou can write less than a pagebut you have to write enough information on the topicsth5 the final sections will be the mapThe map will be the same map the 3 subjects will be given before thanEssay subjects are The position of women at Athens The natureimportance of Greek tragedy The importance of the alphabet Greek Coinage The importance of Phillip of Macedon Herodotus Greek Colonization Tyranny in the Greek World Importance of the Peloponnesian warpick 3 of those LectureText book pg 440 The subject of the lecture today is alexander the great Map on page 440 showsNorthern Afghanistan Beginning in about 480when the Greeks confronted the Persians they developed their classical civilizationswithin 200 years they went from barbarians to Alexander marching through Afghanistan He was on the very few greatest military mind He took culture right across the near east he laid the foundation for the mixing of cultures in east Europe and the near east and parts of the middle east In Iran and India there has been a kind of change through these regions after alexanders deaththere is the continuity between the culture that emerged after his death and the culture that is there today His achievement was opening up these areas to each other When phillip died alexander was 20 years old he was a mix Macedonian he was educated by the philosopher Aristotle He got his political military power from his father From Aristotle got an interest in science and medicine
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