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Classical Civilization
CLCV 1002

CLCV 1002 B List of Terms to Quiz 2Epic Poetry contaoidos and kitharaHomer ca750 BCChios blind the Homeric questionThe IliadproemBackground to the Iliadwedding of Peleus and Thetis apple of Discord Judgment of Paris Menelaus and Helen Agamemnon Trojan War 1000 ships 10 years of fightingStory of the Iliadprizes of honour Chryseis and Briseis ThetisThe heroic code epic hero is eternal fame worth dying forSarpedon and Glaucus Patroclus and Hector Priam and resolutionthemes of the Iliaddeath is common to all mortality gives meaning to lifeDrama TragedyDionysosGreat Dionysia tragodia and satyr playcompetitive3 playwrights 4 plays 3 tragedies 1 satyr playchoros and choregosactorsThespis 534 BC hypokrites answerer or interpreter also protagonistescostumes and masksThe Physical Setting theatron orchestra parodos and skenetheologeion mechane deus ex machina ekkyklemaParts of a Tragedy prologos parodos epeisodion agon messenger reportstasimon strophe and antistrophe exodusThe Tragic Hero hybris agnoia tyche pathei mathos hamartia and nemesisAeschylus ca525456 BCFate versus free will order and justice through divine interventionThe Oresteia trilogy 458 BCSophocles ca 496406 BCrevelation of truth suffering reveals the human spiritOedipus the generic hero swollen foot Mt Cithaeron Corinth Delphi triodos SphinxOedipus Tyrannos ca430425 BCAristotles judgment in the PoeticsLaius Jocasta Kreon Teiresias metaphor of sight and blindnessPrologos by Oedipus plague in Thebes Sigmund Freudthe Oedipus Complexfate vs free will Aristotle and katharsisEuripides ca480406 BCBacchae 404 BCpessimistic jaded cynicalmelodrama psychology passion and crisis especially in womeneg the MedeaPHILOSOPHYIntellectual Revolution 700 BC onIonia and Miletusphilosophia love of wisdomnatural philosophymaterialism the arche four elements of earth air fire waterethical philosophyontology the nature of life itselfPreSocratics observation and reason not experimentationthMilesian School early 6 BC1
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