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Classical Civilization
CLCV 1003
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1CLCV 1003Terms 1Class of Friday September 14Romulus One of the founding members in the original legend of Romes founding Brother of Remus he became the sole founding member of Rome when he killed his brother during a dispute This version of the account dates back to 753 BCRemuls One of the founding brothers in the original legend of Rome He is the nonsurviving sibling of the two he got killed during a dispute with his brother RomulusNumitor Grandfather of Romulus and Remus father of Rhea Silvia brother of Amulius king of Alba Longa He was killed by brother Amulius over the throne in the traditional legendRhea Silvia She was the Mother of Romulus and Remus she bore them with Mars She was made a nun by Amulius when her father was dethronedAmulius Amulius is Numitors younger brother He killed and dethroned Numitor He ruled Alba Longa briefly but was dethroned by Romulus and RemusAeneas Trojan hero of the Aenid He is the founding father of Rome in the newer version of the legend In this version he is also Romulus and Remus ancestor 1184Ascanius Son of Aeneas He along with his father founded Rome in the second version of the legend He along with his father is the ancestor of legendary Romulus and Remus in this version of the legendMagna Graecia The Greek colonies in southern Italy The Helenic culture from this parts of the world had a lasting impression on roman culture Etruscans The Etruscans were a
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