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Byzantium The Empire Strikes BackOctober 10 20121The Mediterranean world after the fall of Rome2Byzantium the Eastern Empire3Byzantium the power of religionKEY TERMSBarbarian invasionGermanic tribes invade the Roman empires territory ad slowly destroy the empire476 CE traditional end date of the Roman Empirelast of the Roman emperors in the eastConstantinople Capital of the Byzantine Empire Crossroads of Europe and AsiaByzantiumByzantine Empireeastern part of the Roman Empire that survives when Rome fallsJustinianImportant emperor in the Byzantine Empire most influentialCorpus Juris Civilisthe body of civil lawHagia Sophia Justinians most famous monument Cathedral of Holy Wisdom 537 CEIconoclasmThere was a constant chipping away at the Roman Empire over several decades until the inevitable collapse occurred The Germanic tribes had destroyed RomeththByzantine Empire survived and even prospered through the 5 and 6 centurysremains a player until 1453 Constantinople falls to the TurksGreek speaking more urbanized than its eastern counterpartwhen the west began to fal you could see Byzantium returns to its more Hellenistic Greek rootsChristianity is less powerful here as the return to their roots nulls a lot of Christian doctrines beliefor
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