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Classical Civilization
CLCV 1003
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CLCV 1003Terms 2Class of Friday September 21The Second Punic War As opposed to the first Punic War the second Punic war was largely fought on land The new Punic war started in Spain over a territorial dispute over Saguntum Carthage surrenders to Rome in this war and treaty is signedHannibal He is the son of Hamilcar He famously marched a land army including war elephants through the Alps to northern Italy He was defeated by Scipio Africanus He started the second Punic War by capturing SaguntumEbro River It was the border between North and South Carthage and Rome This river was regarded as the boundary between the two sides after the first Punic WarndSaguntum The town which started the 2 punic war The town was under cathagenian territory but favoured and was under Roman protection This town was ndcaptured by Hannibal at the beginning of the 2 Punic warTrebia River Hannibals forces first meet the romans forces and defeat them here Lake Trasimene Hannibals forces encountered the romans here again They trapped a roman army here Another defeat for the romansQuintus Fabius Maximus The romans elect him as dictator after being continuously defeated by Hannibals forces He used unsual tactics such as taunting Carthaginians and stalling them Publius Cornelius Scipio consul 218 d 211 He is the dictator chosen by the romans after quintus He attacked Carthage directly in spain damaging their supply lines His attack o
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