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Carleton University
Classical Civilization
CLCV 1003

CLCV 1003Course NotesSummer 2013Rome After the Punic WarsThe GracchioTiberius Gracchus d 133 BCoGaius Gracchus d 121 BCHeld the office of tribune Managed to enact land reform by giving it to the poor as well as enacting other measures which benefited the poorManaged their reform without consulting the senate contrary to constitutionWere not necessarily altruistic as opposed to simply opposing the constitutionGaius Marius d 86 BCoWas a late political starteroMarried into the patrician Julian clan which would confirm him as a relative of Julius CaesaroAttempted to take advantage of the land reform by turning his attention to military recruitment once you owned land you were eligible for military serviceMarius used this to his advantageThere were still not enough people for the militaryHe turned to the poor by promising them jobs money etc by becoming part of his personal armyoIn 107 BC he became consult104 103 102 101 and 100 as wellWere granted to him so that he could defeat Romes enemythe Gaul were menacing Rome in Italy as well as FranceHe was successful against them but also responsible in looking after the welfare of his soldiersWorking through others he had a measure of legislative measures put forward including land allotments to be made to army veteransLucius Cornelius Sulla d 78 BCoHad patrician roots
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