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Carleton University
Classical Civilization
CLCV 1008

CLVC 1008 A Lecture Notes2013 Fall SemesterProf Marianne GoodfellowChapter 1 Archaeology The Early Years Sept 10 2013Pg 1218archaeology is both a physical activity out in the field and an intellectual pursuit in the study or laboratoryit is the past tense of cultural anthropologythe distinction between Prehistory and Historythe scientific nature of archaeologythe new archaeologiesspecializationsthe ethics of archaeologyexplanation and interpretation of material culture traditional vs recent approachesSome People and Places of Historical Importance in ArchaeologyKings of Babylon Nebuchadnezzar built the hanging gardens 7 wonders of the ancient world built first museum Wonder Cabinet of Man KindNabonidus successor to Nebuchadnezzar of BabylonHerodotus in EgyptPausanias in Greece Laocoon in RomeThe Antiquarians in EnglandJohn Aubrey at AveburyDiscovery of PompeiiHerculaneumNapoleon in EgyptThomas JeffersonCatherwoodStephensthe MayaSchliemann at TroyMycenaeGeneral Pitt RiversSir Flinders PetrieSir Mortimer WheelerDecipherment of scripts Sir Henry Rawlinsoncuneiform BehistunChampollionhieroglyphicsMesopotamialand between two riversSumeriansinvented the wheel pottery first use ploughfirst used copper silver bronzewriting 3500 BC used clay tabletsCuneiform script wedge shape languagewritingCLVC 1008 A Lecture NotesArtifactmadealteredused by manexhibits human behaviourAntiquarianscollectorsThe Early Years Cont Sept 12 2013Mouseion museumresearch institute in Alexandria Egypt4 faculties medicine literature music astronomy Emperor Nero Romantook 500 statues from Delphi Pausanias Greek travelergeographerwrote Description of Greece or Guide to Greecewrote descriptionslocations of statue of Zeus Temple of Apollo Mycenaeplaces that no longer existHeinrich Schliemann18221890excavated at Troy excavated at MycenaeHerodotus writerThe Father of Historytraveled to Egypt documenteddescribed what he sawdiscoveredPharoslighthouseColossi of Memnon Egyptlegs and base are covered in graffiti from antiquityParthenon Acropolis of Athenstemple to the goddess Athenaconverted into Christian churchesPantheon RomeOculus of the Pantheon skylighta temple to all the godsbecame a Christian church Santa Maria of the Martyrsthe Baths of Diocletian Romesection converted into a church MegalithMenhirenormous Christianized stonesCastel SantAngelo Romeoriginally the Mausoleum of the Emperor Hadrian Piazza Navona Romebuilt into the ruins of the stadium of DomitianPortchester Castle South Saxon Shore EnglandRoman Fort
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