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Classical Civilization
CLCV 2902
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HIST 2904Monday September 16 2013SummaryRome founded in a land dominated by estrucansgreeksLegendary foundations 753Aeneas RomulusRemusDetails of history are very obscureLast king expelled in 509thrdPolitics cultures and war to the end of the 4 cbeginnings of 3Politics and war closely connectedChanges in politicssociety driven by conflictsFour gourpsoLetium and latinsoetruscansL particularly VeiioGallic barbariansoLatins redux and samnites Romes most dangerous enemyoCommon theme Rome took advantage of conflict to grow territory power prestigeWar central to growth of early republicoDeveloped an inexhaustible manpower no matter how many men fall many new ones replace themLatiumoImmediately around RomeoRome ombudsmanconciliator for two citiesARICIA and ARDEA in 444oRome took advantageconfiscated territoryTactic used to resolve dispute and take advantage Etruscans in 437 VEIIoConflict via salariaStrategic route which cut Campania from EtruriaoVEII used city of FIDANAE just north of Rome On the via to control this important routeToo close to the city of RomeoRomans very aggressive Attack Fidenae then VeiioSiege of veii legendary 10 years sound familiar nooPart of conflict406396 military emergency extraordinary appointment of dictator M Furius Camillus MarcusResult Veii sacked and territory and people annexed to roman stateEarly roman political identity if you make them fight there will be no mercyoRomans took Veii but wanted TARQUINII and VOLSINIIrdoConflict interrupted by arrival of the 3 groups GAULSGauls Gallic barbariansoAt400 BC large migrations in Europeo390 Gauls from France to northern ItalyVarious invasions between 390329First 390380 traumaticoSemimythical event Gallic leader BRENNUS beat etruscans RomansoRome captured partyo35854 Gauls returnedo347 back for round 3Rome saved by dictator Lucius FuriusShows effective use of dictatorshipoLast graps 332 met with resistance by now rome master of latium and Campaniaand Gauls sued for peaceoImportant results from Gallic invasionsBecame a shared semimythical eventRomans built ID based on endurance and survivalWars with Hannibal will cement thisoRomans should have lost but didntEmergence of powerful military menHuge political power and prestige because have reputation of defeating enemiesConception of barbarians as threat to civilized roman societyGauls as barbariansWill help Caesar later to justify his warLatins and SamnitesoDefeat of Veii had snowball effectMore land for RomeSupported by larger adult male populationIncreased eligibility for military serviceLarger armyoMore peopleterritorymore powerful
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