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Cognitive Science
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CGSC 1001
Deirdre Kelly

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1. Why do evolutionary psychologists believe is the main reason humans developed perception? a) To have better knowledge of the world b) To guide action c) To be more fit 2. WhenArchimedes stepped in the bath and recognized that the volume of water displaced equals the volume of a submerged object, what stage of creativity was he demonstrating? a) incubation b) verification c) illumination 3. Which of these theories about the mind can accept artificial intelligence: a) Functionalism b) Physicalism c) Multiple Realizability 4. What best describes haptic perception? a) Nerve endings in the dermis detect fluctuations in air flow and translate this information to your brain. b) Pressure changes on the upper layer of your skin cause neurons to fire and send an electrical impulse to your brain c) Nerve endings in the dermis detect change and carry this information to the spinal cord. 5. Which of these is not
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