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COMM 1101
Melissa Aronczyk

1) A key component of contemporary globalization is the idea that people, things, and ideas are now more ________________ than ever before. a) Mobile b) Local c) Global d) Immediate e) Compressed 2) “Time-space compression” refers to the idea that: a) We can do things faster than ever before b) Modern computers and cell phones make our lives easier c) Long distances can be overcome by transportation and communication technologies d) Capital, commodities and people experience obstacles to migration e) Commodities have shrunk into more portable units 3) Six companies currently dominate the media ownership environment in the United States, including General Electric (GE). Why does GE have revenues that are so much higher than those of the other five? a) GE has stronger media policies b) GE’s structure is vertically integrated c) GE’s structure is horizontally integrated d) GE owns other companies that aren’t related to media e) GE has more ethical business practices 4) In 1972, the public witnessed the first photograph of the entire earth as seen from outer space. What was this image seen by many to symbolize? a) Globalization b) Cultural imperialism c) The myth of photographic truth d) Soviet dominance e) World peace 5) The use of extensive product placement in television shows, movies, websites and video games raises questions about: a) Whether these media are showing us the products we really want to buy b) Whether advertising is maintaining its professional standards c) Whether advertisers are telling the truth in product placement campaigns d) Whether media producers should be aware of media effects e) Whether it is appropriate to advertise products within all media content 6) An image of a graveyard with white gravestones can connote: a) Sadness b) A zombie movie c) The futility of war d) (a) and (c) e) (a), (b), and (c) 7) A central paradox of a consumer society is that: a) Advertising speaks the language of transformation, and yet it is impossible for us to transform ourselves b) We can personalize our media consumption, and yet we can rarely get the media we want c) We have so many reasons to be happy, and yet we have so few ways to consume d) Commodification is about buying and selling, and yet social media is about connecting and sharing e) We can choose from among many different products, and yet we often don’t have a choice about whether or not to consume 8) To explore the meaning of images is to recognize that they are produced within dynamics of social power and _______________. a) Photographic truth b) Surveillance c) Ideology d) Propaganda techniques e) Technological determinism 9) Is the internet an alternative medium? a) Yes, the technology allows for ordinary people to create and share b) Yes, it reaches audiences from outside the mainstream c) Yes, It’s use during the Arab Spring revolution shows that it can challenge the status quo d) It depends on who you ask e) It depends on when you ask 10) How may journalistic principles be compromised by the convergence of media ownership? a) A company that runs a weapons factory is determining what goes in newspapers b) Under representation of non-populist views becomes entrenched c) Greater structural constraints d) More profit equals less quality e) The favouring of speed over time 11) Why can apples connote ideas of sin, temptation, faith, and purity a) Apples have been symbolized continuously throughout our history b) Connotation relies heavily on context c) Actually, according to the myth of photographic truth, they cannot d) You are confusing connotation and denotation 12) A paradox of the consumer society focused on in class is that: a) There is so much to buy, but our choice is limited b) In a consumer society, we have many choices as to what to consume, but we often do not have a choice whether to consume c) We have more time to do important things, but we waste more time d) Technology allows us to be more mobile, but we are tethered to our devices, so space and time isn’t that big anymore 13) Does the Kony 2012 happening support the concept of a passive audience? a) It doesn’t, Professor Aronczyk established that the audience is not passive b) Yes, most people took the dominant reading of the video and passed it along c) Yes, It proves the Hypodermic Needle Model’s assertion that audiences will buy anything d) No, audiences were still active in how they interpreted the video 14) Why are unintended meanings just as, if not more, important than intended meanings? a) Media always conveys an ideology b) You can get the producer’s true message c) They help decide the dominant reading d) Unintended meanings can influence the audience e) Unintended meanings can influence the producer 15) Why is the U.S. commonly associated with cultural imperialism? a) They have a history of promoting the free flow of culture, which typically works in their favour b) It was a country founded on a resistance to imperialism c) Bollywood and Nollywood are exporting significant amounts of movies to the U.S. d) Their tactics for exporting culture are incredibly manipulative e) None of the above 16) The internet contributes to an active audience because it facilitates a) Selectivity b) Consumption c) Dialogue d) Propaganda e) Piracy 17) The concept of ‘Reverse GLOBAL Flow’ emphasizes how ____________ are delivering culture and media texts a) The U.S. b) Nollywood and Bollywood c) Marginalized perspectives d) Dominant discourses e) Alternative discourses 18) Which of the following TV stations is meant to support shared norms and ideals throughout Canada? a) ABC b) CNN c) CBC d) TNT e) Spike 19) Recently, NBC and Comcast merged. Both companies owned several Cable Channels, such as MSNBC and the gold channel. This is an example of: a) Net Neutrality b) Vertical Integration c) Horizontal Integration d) Consumer Society e) Agency 20) Comcast is also the largest cable provider in the United States, while NBC produces a vast amount of television shows. This shows us that ___________ was also a factor in the merger. a) Ideology b) Horizontal Integration c) Representation d) Vertical Integration e) Agenda Setting 21) The NBC/Comcast deal also meant that the largest internet service provider (Comcast) would be pairing with a company that has a large stable of popular websites (NBC). Critics argue that this could lead to issues of: a) Net Neutrality b) Slacktivism c) Agenda Setting d) Convergence e) Throttling 22) The issue talked about above, involves concerns that Comcast will participate in: a) Slacktivism b) Net Neutrality c) Throttling d) Hypodermic Needle e) Convergence 23) Why did Professor Aronczyk use the slide of OJ Simpson? a) To warn about the dangers of infidelity b) To show how time magazine is a bad publication c) To show that how we interpret a photo is due to ideology d) To show that media convergence is having a negative effect on our idea of society e) To provide evidence of Slacktivism 24) What is one of the main reasons for the Huffington Posts Success? a) They are purely a entertainment news source, that appeals to the lowest common denominato
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