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Carleton University
Communication Studies
COMM 1101

thOctober 18 2011 Cultural policyoWhat it isoWhy we have itoHow is it enactedoWhat are the institutions that do it How do we regulate thisRecap of last week oPropaganda as an example of harmfulmanipulativedangerous communicationoMetzl information intervention proposaladministered by the UN to address Genocide etcDefinitionCultural policy is the expression of a governments willingness to adopt and implement a set of coherent principles objectives and means to protect and foster its countries cultural expression The arts are the very foundation of this expression In an age when countries are becoming increasingly independent economically and politically promoting cultural Why do we have cultural policyA product TourismFocusing on global imageNational identityoArt for Arts Sake oBuild Nation Preserve IdentityoBuild Markets Advance Industrial Policy in Cultural RealmCulture is just another commodity Drift from nation building to commodityDrift from affirming identity and building multicultural society to facilitating Economic GrowthProblem at the Central of Cultural Policy What Does It Mean to be Canadian Universal HealthCare MulticulturalismDialectVocabSome things contrast from the US and some are similarPeopleTerry Fox Don Cherry Nickelback GretzkyHow has cultural Policy been enacted RadioTVFirst National network CNR RadioStarted in the train as to motivate them to use the train more oftenAird CommissionBroadcast Act Public utility not private corporation for broadcasting Decided that there should be one national network owned by the public sectorThis became the CRBCCBCCanadian Quota systems in Broadcast Act 195845 of what you showed or did had to be Canadian due to fear of America taking over their abilities etc
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