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COMM 1100thMonday February 4 2013 Media as Identity FormationEdward Curtis and The Vanishing IndianTook photographs to preserve the Natives culture but they were staged because the photos were for a mainly white audience so they played on stereotypesThey would be depicted staging certain ceremonies that had been outlawed In a way he is salvaging them But he also has pictures of chiefs wearing the wrong dress and riding horses with rifles so he preserves their history but he kind of preserves it wrongIn Nanook of the North he tries to bite the record trying to figure out how this magical technology worked Showing him in a childish light Casting these scenes as realisticNatives are participating in these violent representations of their people to escape the poor lives they were living and because they thought the movies made the white people look stupidNatives were on exhibit at worlds fairs Connotes a lot of things that they have them there on display unde
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