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Carleton University
Communication Studies
COMM 1101

1 The Canadian Cooperation Project deal between the United States andCanada meant thata The United States would produce Canadian propaganda films for theCanadian governmentb Canadian art works would receive wide distribution in the United Statesc The Canadian government would not tax or limit distribution of Hollywoodfilmd The Canadian government would tax and limit distribution of Hollywood filme None of the above2 The earliest uses of film by the Canadian government were fora World War I propagandab Promotion of immigration to western landsc Study of indigenous cultures by scholarsd Soldier traininge Feature length dramatic films3 The success of Chapters as a dominant retailer of Canadian books threatenedthe book publishing industry in which of the following waysa Chapters advocated for laws blocking Canadian access to online bookpublishers and demanded that Canadians buying books online would have topay a federal taxb Chapters forced book publishers to provide much more advantageous salesand payment rates which Chapters was able to abuse given their marketdominancec Chapters refused to place Canadian authors in prominent book sellinglocations since Canadian authors do not have international reputationsd Chapters refused to carry books that promoted an anticapitalist ideologye None of the abovein fact Chapters has saved the Canadian book publishingindustry by increasing Canadian book sales substantially4 The original purpose of the National Film Board in Canada wasa To make propagandistic material supporting Canadas position in warb To make feature length dramatic films to combat US dominance in filmc To document the natural landscape of Canada for historical purposesd To document the natural resources in Canada for economic purposese To improve CanadianUnited States relations5 In our lecture on cultural policy I suggested that the main questioninforming the federal governments interest in information andcommunication technologies has shifted Instead of interest in theimportance of culture to Canadian citizenship communication technologieshave been examined primarily as opportunities for economic growth Whichbroad change in the federal regulation of media industries occurred as theCanadian government sought to create new global opportunities for mediaindustriesa The federal government sought to prevent rather than to promoteconvergence and conglomerationb The federal government sought to promote rather than to preventconvergence and conglomerationc The federal government created regulatory institutions for Canadian mediafor the first time since WW IId The federal government removed regulatory institutions governing Canadianmedia in order to let private interests determine the future of Canadianmediae The government took an increasing ownership role in book publishing andnewspapers to match their investment in radio and film production and toensure these industries would survive in the new media age6 Why did Nanook bite the phonographic record in the film Nanook of theNortha He had never seen sound recording technology beforeb He knew that earlier phonograph records used natural materials that couldbe chewed and eaten during times of little foodc It was footage used from an Edison recording advertisement which showedhow durable Edison phonographs wered It was how aboriginal people signaled personal ownership of materialse It was a staged scene that reflects common stereotypes regarding aboriginalpeople7 Why does Sherman Alexie like Billy Jack and hate Tontoa Billy Jack was the only character played by a fullblooded Indianb Tonto was the only Indian that looked like Sherman Alexie and he did notadmire the characterc Sherman Alexie hated all Hollywood movies with Indians in themd Tonto was chosen for martial arts training by Chuck Norris over ShermanAlexie during film auditionse None of the above
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