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Communication Studies
COMM 1101
Chris Russill

Lecture 10 Review for Exam What to Reread for the ExamCarrSept 13Sept 20Oct 4 2Oct 11 2Oct 18Oct 25 3Nov 8Terms to StudyMarshal McLuhanMedium is the messageEnthusiast vs skepticsLinear literate mindmindset Carr believes is being underminedNietzscheDifferent conceptions of the brain and why it matters machine mechanical fixed brain can be rewired and can adapt to mediaDeterminist Carr view vs instrumentalist media defined by its usesLecture History of MediaSept 20Were the first computers actually people YesDid farmers once use barbed wire for telephony YesCould we become less human than HAL Types of media technologyThe medium is the message o Focus on material facts on how media develops o Content of old media in new media o New tech doesnt render old media obsolete but changes it for its purposesTechnological determination o Technology autonomous force in shaping society o Technology shapes us not anything elseTechnological sublime o Response we have to technology thats not rational but feelingbased awe awesome power o Microsoft and 1984 ad for Apple inspire response where you think its awesome positive view o See the good in advances in media technologyLuddites o Political movement led by Ludd based on smashing machines to continue to secure their ability to work o General term for antitechnology skeptical response to media technology o Dont see the good in advances in media technology
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