COMM 2100 Study Guide - Final Guide: False Consciousness, Marshall Mcluhan, Richard Hoggart

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Stuart hall discourse: encoding- production end / decoding- the way the audience reads the message. } oppositional criticizes the message. White men would discuss issues of the day in public 18th century. Now : everyone has an opinion, a voice in the internet and technology. Media corrupted the public sphere- profits-public interest }quality of discourse. Mill was concerned about getting the truth and all about talking about democracy and discourse. In order to have a healthy democracy, everyone must share their opinion, everyone having the ability to share their opinion, helps in having a healthy democracy. Hebrmas was talking about how educated people should share their opinion. Power : media ownership, in terms of marx and class. (political economy)- how political economy frames the way we see the world, cultural studies- rejects all what the political and upper class says. Tv( how they are public and privately owned)

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