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Communication Studies
COMM 2102
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Communications Theory and Foundations ReviewWhat does it mean to communicate How have ideas about communication changed over timeHow have we come to think of communication as something we do well or do poorly What are the different ways in which we communicate with each other What is the relationship between the way we communicate and the way we make sense of the worldHow do we communicate our experiences to others What are the functions that media technologies play in our worldFall term different ways that communication has been theorized over time We will place an emphasis on a time period that stretches from the 19th century to the presentday This is a period of time in which ideas of communication are closely bound up with ideas of mediaThe Transition from Traditional to Modern SocietyPhaedrus Examines love turning to the art of rhetoric itself Phaedrus is about a discussion two people love and persuasion What constitutes love is also what constitutes persuasion Rhetoric the art of persuasion people learned about the world through debating using rhetoric Dialogue reveals the truth of the connection between intimacy and real knowledge There are three speeches on the topic of love that serve as a metaphor for the discussion of the proper use of rhetoric They encompass discussions of the soul madness divine inspiration and the practice and mastery of an art Art of persuasion Love Phaedrus says relationships are governed by mutual need Socrates says love without desire is impossible The way we think about persuasion is also the way we think about love After showing that speech making itself isnt something reproachful and that what is truly shameful is to engage in speaking or writing shamefully or badly Socrates asks what distinguishes good from bad writing and they take this up Phaedrus states you do not need to know the truth of your speech but how to persuade persuasion being the purpose of speechmaking and oration Even one who knew the truth could not produce conviction without knowing the art of persuasion To practice the art one must have a grasp of the truth and a detailed understanding of the soul in order to properly persuade Moreover one must have an idea of what is good or bad for the soul and as a result know what the soul should be persuaded towards But there is an argument that there is no genuine art of speaking without a grasp of the truth and there never will beArt of making these divisions is dialectic not rhetoricWhen Socrates and Phaedrus proceed to recount the various tools of speechmaking as written down by the great orators of the past starting with the Preamble and the Statement Facts and concluding with the Recapitulation Socrates states that the fabric seems a little threadbare They go on to discuss what is good or bad in writing He says writing is like painting you are capturing an imagerepresentation of something For Socrates writing symbolizes the scattering of communication Writing eliminates reaction its random going wherever unhooked from people To communicatepersuade is to be present The discussion of rhetoric the proper practice of which is found to actually be philosophy Writing is examined separately but ultimately equated with philosophy and rhetoric It is stated that writing can do little but remind those who already know Unlike dialectic and rhetoric writing cannot be tailored to specific situations or students the writer does not have the luxury of
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