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Communication as mediationSliding doors ideaAgency who is in charge of your life What directs the path of your lifeThe middle things that come inbetween For example middle class midfielder medium etcMediation things that come inbetween us and the things that we want to do or our pathway through life Lots of things mediate our pathway more things now mediate through media For example timetable bus schedule socioeconomic status mediate between you and your ability to find a suitable mate choice of music or movies the time you wake up in the morning etc Thus Life is mediated as mentioned by Hegel For mediation is nothing beyond moving selfawareness or a reflection into itself the moment of the I for which pure negativity or when reduced to its pure abstraction simple becoming Hegel says that new form of knowledge or information alters choices decisions This intervenes your pathway through life Our understanding comes from past things that may be biological or sociological or linguistic etc For example eating behaviors or rituals from tradition Mediation is a constant process life is constant mediation Through this process the world makes sense to you Thus everything is constantly mediated by other things that test assumptions and causes us to go in another or the same direction says HegelMedia mediation through history Major force of mediation through different kinds of media All forms of communications mediate such as simple conversations These forms are through media For example these communications happen through media such as Skype Twitter etc Media scholars need to understand how media stands in between you and another person how the world is communicated through media For example Wikipedia entry that is not correct changes your view about things such as a political viewpoint distractions such
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