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October 10 2012Definitions MASS CULTURE INDUSTRY MODERNITY METHODOLOGIES these are our building blocks the foundations Summary 18401940Developments in Frankfurt from Adorno and Horkheime modern rise of antisemitism Capitalism and Marx what is the purpose of art in a society that has turned to capitalism Critical theory to document the gap and contradiction between the values society holds and how society is in reality Adorno thinks capitalism coopts everything what we think is rebelliousness is mass rebelliousness What we think will transcend us will move us laterally He wants us to think of culture as politicalProminent themes 1 a concern about modernity and its effects new ways to express and represent things than ever before holy crap what are we going to do Modernity is alienating people means of production determining their own path 2 Social groupings are new 3 Mass production and mass media new about the world travels fast communications technologies makes it possible for a voice to travel every and independent of our bodies 4 Rethinking about time and space how we think of these things is changing 5 Works of art used to be used for ritual purposes folk culture in the renaissance art meant genius now a
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