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Carleton University
Communication Studies
COMM 2102

Theodore Adornos musical influence George Bergman First Quiz next week multiple choice based on lectures and readings of the last 3 lectures 10 minutes in lengthImperative to bring a pencil October 3 2012Summary Paris and the concept and mass society the crowd and writings by LeBonne about how to characterize these new social groupings Groups of people can be susceptible to suggestion by charismatic leaders this relates to ideas of propaganda Mass communication brings this psychological entities Chicago was the concept of sociology Qualitatively researching the people by way of observation Communication is the thing that keeps these people who dont know each other together and civil Research is done by watching how the people live together and get along Recordsocial entities New York is the same as the other cities with big new groupings Emergence of modern media radio television newspaper Columbia U under Lazerfeld says we research people staying together quantitatively focus groups detailed surveys we measure effects He studies how people respond to radio programs and newspapers he does it in association with Rockefeller association philanthropicprivate Also works with officials from CBS the new broadcast group He calls all of this administrative research The purpose is to make sense o
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