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Communication Studies
COMM 2102

COMM 2101 EXAM REVIEWChicago School school of thoughtContext Emergence and development of urbanization growth of community expansion of newspapers and transportation closing the frontierGoal Achieve the organic or great communityoMass media could support development of new communityKey TheoristsoCharles Cooleymodern comm mediums were essential for structure of new communitiesoJohn Deweycomm is central to development of self community and democracy Self democracy community communicationoGeorge HerbertoHarold BlumeroRobert Park Comm makes possible the unity of social groupsKey ConceptsoLooking Glass Self I am what I think you think I amoSelf indiv is determined by their experiences and interactionsoCommunity necessary if we are going to achieve the best self you can achieveoDemocracy form of social organization in which all can realize their full potentialoCommunication How ppl interact in public of community indivs develop their concept of the self oSymbolic interactionismthrough interaction with others 3 key concepts meaning language thoughtoGeneralized other We come up with understanding of what are the practices and how we interact in societyhow one thinks ones group perceives oneself etcoUrban Ecology Rob Park looked at how ppl were associated with each other and studied them from where they were happeningFrankfurt SchoolContext Nazi assumption of power acceptance of capitalism and consumerismoConcern rise and acceptance of facism in EuropeGoal Uncover what they saw as this totalitarian control in mediacultural production to encourage change and actionThey wanted to show people what was happening not just say itoFocus Emergence and proliferation of mass cultureKey TheoristsoMax HorkheimerDialectic of EnlightenmentoTheodor AdornoDialectice of EnlightenmentoWalter BenjaminWork of ArtoHerbert MarcuseKey Concepts oDialectic of Enlightenment Debate between sciencetechnology and enlightenmentResultenlightenment failed and science became the authorityoInstrumental Reason Seeks a specific goalreasonAn instrument concerned with instrumentalizing the world to the advantage of the subjectoFalse Needs True needs are forgotten because false needs are being created met and supported by capitalismAssociated with consumerismoCommodity Fetishism Consumer worships money that he used to pay for the cultural experience more than the experience itselfobject of enjoymentBUYINGoCulture Industry infects everything with sameness results in repetition false and temporary pleasure concerned with entertainment NOT artCriticisms oNo empirical evidence for theoriesoMass culture is not as homogeneousoObscure in expressing ideasoPessimism surrounding revolutionary changeoElitist critique of mass culture
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