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COMM 2101 JANUARY 9 2012 Themes1We can think about communication in a lot of ways beyond thinking seeing speaking it is more than just the imparting msgs from person to person through images which we see It is not about the mouth or our eyes or the word or the picture The world is always communicating 2Experience how we experience the world and how we communicate to the world 3What is the nature of experience What is the nature of communication Phenomenology is the main theme 4Its about the dominance of the eyeWhat is identityHow do you even know who you are How do other people think you are who you are how do they perceive you Its about the power of identity that plays in social life Conception of oneself where they are perceived to be apart of a group which will bring them certain sets of values This relates to how people are like you and how they are able to understand who you are This allows you to differentiate yourself from others and to see what institutions are available to you etc Rules are put in place so that everyone will be treated
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