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Communication Studies
COMM 2102
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Jan 16CAchap 23Communication as DisseminationCommunication means it is neither a single thing nor all things Theories in communication were most fruitfully advanced by looking for the few families of ideas and axes of argument without which it is impossible to think of communicationDissemination can be seen as a lensIt helps us tackle basic issues such as interaction presence and space and time that will appear in our agenda one dayDissemination indicates the scattering of seedsbreadth of knowledgeYou reap what you sowexpression meaning you get what you work forMaking a public offering is perhaps the most basic of all communicative actsDissemination reminds us of the relative autonomy of sending and receiving the liberty of combination possessed by all speakers and hearers The other to whom we speak is never fully known neither are the consequences of our wordsOne spaceMany spacesOne timeIDialogueIIBroadcas
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