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Carleton University
Communication Studies
COMM 2102

What we know so farWhat comm isSenderMessagemediumreceiversresponseAs thinkers we need a more robust language to account for different kinds of communications The book is a way to do thisDialogues dissemination translation failure1 All comm takes place in time and spaceInnis thought that comm is in space and timerailroad broadcasting enabled us to transfer info through distanceComm media is biased towards either space or time If the bias is towards space than the emphasis is on commercial gvt or military or administration power Light and mobileIf the bias is towards time than it is towards religion tradition magic Can be preserved Oral is time biased bc its past from one to the next over time ie folk stories values ethicsWritten is biased in space Write a note text message 2 Meaning is generated through languageStuff is understood By other people Yep The world is organized through language Sentence I took the ball to the house This is understood by most We have a common understanding of most words Meaning is generated in context To others
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