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October 31 2012Reminder assignment is due November 14 in class How to find journals mandate its found because the journal they publish it in is because their publishing it for a specific audience Mandate determines what gets published and what doesntToronto school of communication Innis and McLuhan The village as a symbol for motif a backdrop for theorizing communication The imagery of the village is important because its a handy way for thinking about how society has been transformed by processes of modernity Everyone relies on everyone else for the success of the village Since the village is small there is a relatively tight circuit of communication The activities within the village are largely unaffected by what goes on outside of it This is a village premodernity The village is also a site for oral culture book culture In modernity people move into the city and people you dont know now live in your village youre surrounded by strangers There is a low level of trust What was a tight predictable circuit of communication is now loose There are traditions and routines There are new ways in which we have to live together Media is a part of this transition Media creates new forms of community Newspapers create new traditions Media replace interpersonal relations You gain information from people you dont know through newspaper radio and television High levels of trust is being dispersed because everyone now l
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