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COMM 2301
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Comm 2101120912Understanding Communication TheoryWe live in a surveillance societyWith so many different media companieswith few owners the quality of public debatediscussion will likely sufferoThreatens quality of democracyLive in a society where nearly everything is digitizedCommunication is an entire range of different formsoTalking body language silenceHow things are represented has an impact on how we view the world around usTheorya set of statements about some aspect of human life that probably applies to more than one case but rarely applies to all casesoTheories are considered to be right until proven otherwiseoIdeas and theories do not come out of the airthey emerge out of real life situationsLarger scale attempts to explain things that happenoCan think about theories in comparison to a mashup videoBorrowing ideas of the past to make new meaningsbuild upon the thinking of othersTheories about communication are built upon revived versions of other worksoThey are the product of a given set of time place and circumstancesWhile there have always been ideas about communication the idea of communication as a thing in and of itself an object we theorize about is a very modern phenomenonoIdeas about communication are ideas about modernityoTransition from the west technological advancesemergence of different kinds of mediaPeople tend to think of the worlds problems as problems of communicationit always comes back to messages messengers and the receiversTheories around communication arrive with the proliferation of the mediaComm 2101120912In building theories many theorists simply built upon or borrowed theories from people who came before it and adapted them for communicationCommunicating without reply goes back as early as the year 1000The practice of blogging is not new but uses new technologyHow did communication become an object in and of itselfCommunication is a profoundly modern ideaChange in the structure of the social worldPeople lived in kingdoms under a monarchyStructure changed and developed into democracyPeople are bound together in nationsChanging influence of Religionreligion has slowly given way to the emergence of societies which are generally secularTransformation of Economieswhat was once local trading artisanal production gave way to the emergence of marketsemergence of capitalismprocess of industrialisationmass productionEmergence of Scienceemerges as a powerful influence over a range of human affairscompetes with religiona branch of knowledge which determines how we administer over our bodies disease social scienceTransformation in technologysteam engine revolutionized transportation mass production trains bicycleautomobile printing pressphotography early form of the computer radio telephone automated calculationincredible advances in literacy and in schoolingMajor transformations in social relations
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