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COMM 2301A Persuasion and Public Life Lecture Notes characteristics and features of communication world of communication and how it is connected to persuasionpersuasion and communication work hand in handmodels of communication communication is about action from the moment we enter the world communication is part of our livesinitiates you into your environment baby crying if baby wasnt crying doctors would wonder what was wrongThere are four ways and only four ways in which we have contact with the world We are evaluated and classified by those four contacts What we do how we look what we say and how we say it Dale Carnegie 18881955example of if we saw a drunkard when we entered the classroom actions of the individual and appearance allow us to make a judgementpeople assume doctors are rich because of the connotations of the employment of doctorappearance for a job interview and the impression it gives looking unprofessional could mean you are unreliable and leaves a bad impressionpeople using multiple swear words reconsider the morality of the person making certain judgement calls based on this all examples are applicable to how we saythe way we place an order at Tim Hortons can change the way the cashier perceives you greatly using manners and saying please and thank you makes a difference and sends a different messagesome times we need to say things in the way in which we need toappearing to people with respectwhat we say an individual can seem unstable based on what they say depressing some people can seem optimistic based on what they say always in a good mood always polite saying positive thingsby virtue of the babys cry it allows them to have relationships since none of them can speak yet only way to communicate is through smiles crying noises all means through which they mean to get attention Characteristics of Communication1Communication is interactive system based on interaction communication needs to be two or multiple ways not just one involves the censoring of information part of what glues society together keeps it intact and allows it to flow interaction that allows different functions interaction allows for politicsSociety not only continues to exist by transmission but it may be fairly said to exist in transmission in communication 19444 John Deweycommunication is more than just sharing information it is the foundation of our existencereading this week reflects this notion interacting living off of one another and our interactions 2Communication is symbolic which can be in the form of verbal and nonverbal wayssigns as an example of nonverbal communication that we are able to make sense ofsocialization that we have been brought into that allow us to know where to go without having to tell us boy vs girl bathroom signssymbols also to regulate our speed and therefore our behaviour may not follow the rules but we know them green means go red means stop do not need police to tell us the rules symbols communicating to usexample of verbal communication symbolic is the blowing of a whistle catches our attention quicklycolors as symbolic and communicative as well reddanger blackthe devil 3Communication is dynamic evolves continually never ends always continues ongoing process that moves constantly and has the ability to change your mood after it has finishedconstantly engage ourselves in discussion thats why when we go to any communication class we realize how broad of a process it is 4Communication is contextual context with everythingcontext of the environment could mean the physical space cultural space cyber space multiple environmentscommunication also requires context to occur place and time for everything that happens art gallery example looking at art and realizing it had a time and placesetting of a job interview synagogue church or graduation ceremony context sets up the way you communicate knowing what is appropriate or not the environment structures how we communicateconversation with your parents vs conversation with siblings or friends very different contextsthe way a ball is changed based on the sport played the context changes the meaning of the ball for different people soccer ball kick with foot basketball bounce with hand cultural context can change meaning asking for bathroom vs loo different meanings or words in different cultures free to express ourselves but there are many restrictions which can create inefficient communication reading Models of Communicationthree dominant models of communication 1 The informationtransmission model focuses on objective transmission of data or informationdistributing or passing the information straight back see it more as a form of objectivity sender encoding message media decoding receiver response feedback sender all possibly centered or affected by noise in the middleradio vs reading cannot check the dictionary people need to be able to understand the information right away which changes the language and sayings you must use or the communication is lost and becomes noise radio moves fast message needs to keep up with thisresume and cover letter are classic examples of sending out information in an objective way message of condoms for someone who is religious vs someone who is not different values message is objective depending on your values will not be the same for each group 2 Ritual or Expressive Model speaks more to the emotions and shared belief systems depends on association and cultural symbol meant to maintain a collective identity and values speaks more to emotions celebration days Canada Day as good examples of this everyone dressing in red communicates our shared identity celebrating the collective identitycheering for your team do not care about the people themselves excited about the activity which has brought us together cheering together keeping the team alive
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