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Carleton University
Communication Studies
COMM 3109

September 14th Intro and Ch1 of Discourse and Identity Basis of the lecture is how discourse and identity has a difference and how which is prior to one another Debate is discourse prior to identityDiscourse analysis is the main subject around identityMany of the thinkers understand identity as something that is shifting something that has a continuous growth How people understand themselves as subjects and how the fit in with a social group Key Questions from readings1 What is the relationship between discourse experience and identityIs identity prior to discourseDoes discourse reflect or constitute identityIs there an essential prediscursive stable identity2What role do agency and structure play in construction of identityExample economic capitalism To what ends are identity categories commodifiedWhat about the psyche another kind of structure example freud who is interested in peoples interior how they act 3Is identity formulated through distinctions from others or an other How and why do people categorize themselves and othersTo what ends are these categories used example to other as Stuart hall suggests Social identity theory in groupout group How people situate themselves within a specific group and how to constitute an identity such as a national identity for example protests that arise when something towards a specific religion or race is attacked they come together through a shared identity within a group 4Is identity a performance to be interpreted by othersPerformance or PresentationButlerGoffman Butler talks about gender expectations no based on biological determinism but more so what society puts on specific genders to act in a certain way and to do certain actions based on their gender Surveillance Foucault How people act differently then the way they actually are when they know they are being watched You act more well mannered or perhaps funny when you are being watched benthampanoptic 5Is identity something you own and something you can work onSelfhelp genreoprah selfhelp books showsqueer eye what not to wearReason and discipline of the mind or body 6What is the relationship between subjective internal identity and intersubjective social identityPsyche SocializationAgency7How is identity maintained reproduced and normalized
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