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CARLETONCOMM 2301Kirsten KozolankaWinter

COMM 2301- Final Exam Guide - Comprehensive Notes for the exam ( 42 pages long!)

OC81272742 Page
Propaganda, in the most neutral sense, means to disseminate or promote particular ideas. Propaganda may appear to be informative communication when ide
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CARLETONCOMM 2301Paul JasenFall

COMM 2301 Study Guide - Final Guide: Persuasion, Mass Production, Media Play

OC144767359 Page
Communication is the process of sending and receiving messages. Media are the means (manner) and transmission of communication they carry the message t
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CARLETONCOMM 3303Joseph BoughnerFall

COMM 3303 Study Guide - Final Guide: Randomized Controlled Trial, Social Marketing, Marketing Mix

OC27424310 Page
15 developing a plan for monitoring and evaluation. Monitoring: refers to measurements conducted after you launch your social marketing effort, but bef
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CARLETONCOMM 2102Ira WagmanWinter

COMM 2102 Study Guide - Final Guide: Panopticon, Jonathan Stern, Bell Hooks

OC27424323 Page
Paris: communicated with cartoons, communicated with guns, after the fact it was communicated with people, hashtags (je suis. Charlie), it was communic
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CARLETONCOMM 2100Ira WagmanFall

COMM 2100 Study Guide - Final Guide: False Consciousness, Marshall Mcluhan, Richard Hoggart

OC7166092 Page
Stuart hall discourse: encoding- production end / decoding- the way the audience reads the message. } oppositional criticizes the message. White men wo
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CARLETONCOMM 3301Joseph BoughnerFall

COMM 3301 Study Guide - Final Guide: Swot Analysis, Social Marketing

OC4892222 Page
Social marketing is the use of marketing tactics and strategies to change individual behaviours for a social benefit. But it often works in conjunction
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CARLETONCOMM 1101Chris RussillWinter

COMM 1101 Study Guide - Final Guide: Iden

OC4892224 Page
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CARLETONCOMM 1101Benjamin WooFall

COMM 1101 Study Guide - Final Guide: Racebending, Sexting

OC4569801 Page
Final essay question review: freedom of speech is an important but complicated within the context of communication. Discuss how freedom of speech benef
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CARLETONCOMM 2102Ira WagmanWinter

COMM 2102 Study Guide - Final Guide: Perez Hilton, Electoral Roll, James Gleick

OC42537231 Page
Dissemination is a lense that helps us tackle basic issues such as interaction, presence, and space and time that are destined to appear on the agenda
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CARLETONCOMM 2102Ira WagmanWinter

COMM 2102 Final: Exam Review Lecture 2 .docx

OC3917639 Page
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CARLETONCOMM 2102Ira WagmanWinter

COMM 2102 Final: Week 1 – How Do We Communicate.docx

OC3917636 Page
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Comm 3001 Research Design and the Formulation of Theory (must read for final)

OC3411893 Page
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