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Computer Science
COMP 1001
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Introduction to Computer SciencesWhat is a computer Electronic device that stores retrieves and processes dataWhat is a computer programmingSet of instructions that can manipulate dataCan also be stored in the computer memoryLogical conceptual view of a computerCPUcentral processing unitFetches recognizes and executes instructionsMain Memorycircuits that can store dataCPU can get the data from memory very fastAuxillary Storagedevice that stores large amounts of memoryUsually slower then main memoryThe Fetch Cycle Turn on the computer goes into a cycle called fetch cycle instructions and execute itComputer program consists of lists of instructions that can change the memoryMemory changes when program proceeds and we can look at itIf we get the results we want its a successful programComputer doesnt care in any wayDifferent types of computersSupercomputerMainframe computer used for massive calculations scientific calculations weather forecastingMinicomputers between personal and mainframeWorkstations highend personal computer one user at a timePersonal computeroDesktop eg PCsIMacsoNotebook and LaptopoPersonal Data Assistant PDA hand held computers or palmtop computersThe components of a personal computer The physical viewNot so recent typical home computer workstationNewerlooking computers MAC G3 Cube IMac IBM AptivaComputer parts are categorized asInput device Output device Auxiliary deviceCentral Processing Unit Main ComputerDevices both input and outputVR Helmet
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