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Carleton University
Computer Science
COMP 1005
Jason Hinek

Can flag Birds Ball in vertical, horizontal, diagonal Array of zoogs PImage flag; int count=0; float x1, y1, x2, y2, x3, y3, radius, speed; class Zoog { int x,y; int flock=(int)random(10, 20); float filla; // Zoog's variables void setup() { int x, y; float fillb; float x,y,w,h,eyeSize; flag = loadImage("canadian_flag.jpg"); void setup() { float fillc; // Zoog constructor size(flag.width, flag.height); size(500, 500); frameRate(5000); background(255); void setup() { Zoog(float tempX, float tempY, float tempW, float tempH, float flag.loadPixels(); size(500, 500); tempEyeSize) { } background(255); x = tempX; } void drawBirds(int x, int y) { x1=random(width); y = tempY; color getColor(int x, int y){ line(x-10, y-10, x, y); y1=random(height); w = tempW; return flag.get(x,y); line(x, y, x+10, y-10); x2=random(width); h = tempH; } } y2=random(height); eyeSize = tempEyeSize; x3=random(width); } void draw() { void draw() { y3=random(height); // Move Zoog x=(int)(random(width)); x=(int)random(10, width-10); radius=20; void jiggle() { y=(int)(random(height)); speed=1; x = x + random(-1,1); y=(int) random(10, height-10); filla=(random(255)); y = y + random(-1,1); fill(getColor(x, y)); if (count
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