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Computer Science
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COMP 1005

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Summer2010COMP10051405Test1 MULTIPLECHOICE2markseach 1Supposex1y1andz1WhatistheprintoutofthefollowingstatementPleaseindentthestatementcorrectlyfirstif x0if y0Systemoutprintlnx0 and y0 else if z0Systemoutprintlnx0 and z0 Ax0andy0Bx0andz0Cx0andz0Dnoprintoutpublic class Q1 public static void mainString args int x1int y1int z1 if x0 if y0 Systemoutprintlnx0 and y0 else if z0 Systemoutprintlnx0 and z02Analyzethefollowingcodeboolean evenfalse if eventrue SystemoutprintlnIt is evenATheprogramhasasyntaxerrorBTheprogramhasaruntimeerrorCTheprogramrunsfinebutdisplaysnothingDTheprogramrunsfineanddisplaysItisevenpublic class Q2 public static void mainString args boolean evenfalseif eventrue SystemoutprintlnIt is even
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