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COMP 1405AIntroduction to Computer SciencePage 1Course NotesAlgorithmhow to do something not necessarily in programming language could be in English expressed as a detailed list of instructions for accomplishin a taskPropertiesWelldefined input may be nothingUnambiguous sequence of instructionsInstructions are atomic indivisibleProduces some outcomeResult is either the transformation of input OR physical changesTerminates when task is completeHow good is an algorithmHow fast is itDoes it respond to every inputDoes it waste resources ie memoryIs it easy to communicateIs everything an algorithm No AlgorithmSoftwareSpecific Tool not designed functiongoalfor specific functionProgrammingSometimes implementing algorithmsDevising new algorithmsSometimes implementing behaviours not algorithmsEventdriven programming software responds to outside events mouse clickLanguage SyntaxWhat instructions are availableHow to format an instructionSpecial SymbolsSemicolonused to end a statementParenthesesindicates input to a functionCurly braces used to group statementsVariablesNames given to data with a specific meaningSome are already given in Processing height of screen width mouseX mouseyValue can change as the program executes but the meaning stays the same ex score in a hockey game bank balanceIteration loopingUsed to do something over and overProcessing has a draw loop setup function called only once at the beginning draw function called after loops at 30 fpsProcessing Structure
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