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Computer Science
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COMP 1406

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COMP14061006 Design and Implementation ofComputer Applications Course NotesNotes maintained by Mark Lanthier 2006 versionThese notes are the property of the School ofComputer Science and may be used for your ownpersonal useYou may not modify distribute or sellany portion of the notes1 User Interfaces11 User Interface Terminology12 A Simple TextBased User Interface2 Applications and Layout Managers21 Creating a Basic GUI Application22 Components and Containers23 Layout Managers231 NullLayout232 FlowLayout233 BorderLayout234 CardLayout235 GridLayout236 GridBagLayout237 BoxLayout3 EventsListeners31 Events and Event Handlers32 Listeners and Adapter Classes33 Handling ActionEvents with ActionListeners34 Handling MouseEvents with MouseListeners35 Key Press Events36 Proper Coding Style for Component Interaction4 A TrafficLight Application41 Application Description42 Developing the Model43 Designing the User Interface Layout44 Connecting it all Together45 Hooking up the Timer46 Splitting up the Model View and Controller5 Recursion51 What is Recursion 52 Recursion With Primitives53 Recusion With Objects NonDestructive54 Recursion With Objects Destructive55 Direct Vs Indirect Recursion56 Some More Examples57 Efficiency With Recursion58 Practice Questions6 Menus and Dialogs61 Using Menus62 Standard Dialog Boxes63 Creating Your Own Dialog Boxes64 Email Buddy Dialog Box Example7 More Collections Sets and HashMaps71 Collections ReVisited72 The Set Classes73 The Map Interface and Its Classes74 HashMaps75 The MovieStore Example8 Graphics81 Doing Simple Graphics82 Repainting Components83 Displaying Images84 Creating a Simple Graph Editor85 Adding Features to the Graph Editor9 Networking91 Networking Basics92 URLs93 ClientServer Communications94 ClientServer Example95 Datagram Sockets96 Auction Example10 Animation101 Animation Concepts102 Simple Animation and Threads103 Kinetic Animation
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