Criminology 1000 exam review

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Carleton University
Criminology and Criminal Justice
CRCJ 1000
Jeffrey Mohonogan

Cesare Lambroso: italian nigger, criminals represent physical traits; degeneracy. Four categories: 1. Born criminals (physical traits) 2. Insane criminals (idiots, imbeciles, paranoiacs) 3. Occasional Criminals (crime in response to opportunities) 4. criminals of passion (crime motivated by anger, love, or honour) Enrico Ferri: italian nigger, crime explained through multitude of factors. 1. physical factors (race, geography); 2. individual factors (age, sex, psychological variables); 3. social factors (population, religion, culture) Raffaele Garofalo: the last of the italian niggers; society is a body of nature; crimes are against the law of nature criminals lack sentiments of probity and pity 1 category: murderers, lack both pity and probity; will steal/kill when the opportunity arises 2 category: violent criminals, lack pity; influenced by environmental factors such as alcohol 3 category: thieves, suffer from lack of probity th 4 category: sexual criminals, some classified as violent criminal
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