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Criminology and Criminal Justice
CRCJ 1000
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thCriminologySeptember 18 2012What is a CrimeWe associate criminals as deviant people is that rightWe can use the lack of consensus in the definition of crime against any argument in criminology Can we have a theory that fits all crime into a single category so we can find the causeCrime as wrong in itselfContributor to LombrosoOne of the founding fathers of crimNormative and factual option in describing crimeCrimes are behaviour that are against natural human behaviourSome acts are crime whether or not they are deemed criminal or are punished or observedOntology epistemology method not focused onCrime is universalCrim needs a stable object that cant be changed by the passions of the legislatureMalum prohibitum something is wrong because its against the law or the law says its wrongMalum in se things are wrong because they are wrong
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