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Lecture 24 KT Extinction 66MYADefinitiion of Extinction the birth rate of an organism does not keep up with ththe death rate Mass extinction vs background extinction Backgroundless dramatic slower over time ML McKinney says 95 of all extinctions are this kind Causes competition for food and space climate changes mountain development habitat destruction through fire drying of wetland volcanoesMass extinction large number of species extinct global scale short period of timeTimes of Mass Extinctions Late Ordovician Late Devonian corals Permiandeadliest almost whipped out all life Late Triassic CretaceousTertiary Permian extinction 96 of all species died 56 of all families died took place over 2 million years Glaciation event creating a SL drop Land dried out Large volcanic eruptionsash deposits found in Siberia and Arctic Triassic extinction Manicouagan Crater Quebec Problems with studying extinctions incomplete fossil record and sedimentary record most complete information in marine record not a lot of info with DinosaursTime resolution5090 of rock record not preserves 9 out of 10 hours of earth history not preservedOnly 20 localities of KT boundary mass destinctionPaleontological resolutionMcKinny 550 mill species extinct today Life originated 35 Billion years ago 1 to 3 billion species come and gone 99 of species are extin Less that 1 fossilized importance of lagerstaetten First appearance datumwhen species first appears Last appearance datumwhen species goes extinct Species come and go at different times and different
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